Sheathed at Theatre Off Jackson

Holy hannah, what a ride! Maggie Lee and Amy Poisson have teamed up for more stage magic in Sheathed, a wonderfully rich sword fighting adventure in a world loosely based on historical Japan.

Now, I’m always one for more choreography on the stage, so I may be a bit biased when it comes to how freaking awesome this how is, but come on, what’s not to love? Ren finds herself striking out across the countryside trying to track down the generals at the heart of her father’s disgrace to get vengeance, but has a load of unexpected adventures along the way. Because what else would happen? If she was in, done, out, there wouldn’t be much of a story here. And Maggie is a master at crafting the perfect story.

Everything about this production is just gorgeous, from the set and lighting, to costuming and choreography. And the acting…whew, it’s intense! They definitely make you feel all the feels in this one. We attended on opening night and the startling difference of Ayo Tushinde on stage as Ren and then at the opening party afterwards was incredibly impressive. Amy Poisson put together a killer team on this one, and you really don’t want to miss out.

(Photos by Joe Iano)

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