We are so glad you are considering submitting to Mneme Press! We are a publishing house dedicated to promoting underrepresented voices in the play publishing community. We only really have two restrictions when it comes to what we will publish:

  1. The playwright is a minority voice in theater by race, gender, sexuality, ability, or another way we haven’t yet thought of.
  2. The play has either had a full production at the community college level and above or has had two produced staged readings. As volunteers, we don’t have time to help you refine your play, so it has to come to us finished.

We welcome plays of all lengths, including one-acts and monologues as we would love to start publishing collections of those as well.

One other note: we do not function the same way that a traditional publishing house does: when your full-length play comes to us, we will prepare it for publication, then put it up for print and sale under Amazon’s print-on-demand service under your name and control. We do not take a cut of the royalties from any sales except for any physical sales by Mneme Press at events. In these cases, Mneme Press will provide you with a dollar of the sale of each book sold, with the rest of the money going to cover printing cost and the cost of the event.

If this all sounds good to you, please submit your play here!