A Hand of Talons

For generations, the Yao clan has ruled the criminal underworld in New Providence with an iron fist. But as the family empire threatens to crumble, Wilhelmina Yao must do whatever it takes to win in a high-stakes game of power and betrayal. Descend into the underground gambling den of the Fortuna Mews to explore the dark and dangerous world of steampunk noir in this thrilling new play.


Wilhelmina Yao: Female, 20s. The youngest daughter of the Yao clan and owner of the Fortuna Mews.
Anders Yao: Male, late 20s. The middle son of the Yao clan.
Delphine Yao: Female, 30s. The eldest daughter and Yarak of the Yao clan
Kenzo Yao: Male, 20s–30s. An emissary from the Eastern Yao.
Bernie Martillo: Female, 30s–40s. A dealer at the Fortuna Mews.
Lawrence Howell: Male, late 20s. A friend to Wilhelmina.
Lin Curtis: Female, 20s–30s. The First Lieutenant to the Yarak.
Preston Hodge: Male, 40s–50s. An unlucky gambler.


A Hand of Talons was originally produced by Pork Filled Productions at Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle, WA, and ran from April 29 – May 21, 2016. It was directed by Amy Poisson.

Winner, 2016 Gregory Award, Outstanding Costume Design, Jocelyne Fowler
Nominated, 2016 Gypsy Rose Lee Award, Excellence in Local Playwriting, Maggie Lee
Nominated, 2016 Gypsy Rose Lee Award, Excellence in Production, Pork Filled Productions
Nominated, 2016 Gypsy Rose Lee Award, Lead Actor (Female), Stephanie Kim-Bryan
Nominated, 2016 Gypsy Rose Lee Award, Excellence in Set Design, Brandon Estrella
Nominated, 2016 Gypsy Rose Lee Award, Excellence in Lighting Design, Tess Malone


“…one of the best-produced shows I’ve seen in Seattle…With A Hand of Talons, Maggie Lee has reversed, transformed and heightened the traditional action genre…I cannot speak highly enough of the ingenious direction of Amy Poisson. Every moment onstage was crafted to be in service of the story. The stakes were high for all characters. The audience was rapt throughout the performance.”
– Woodzick, Copious Love Productions

“Lee is clearly gaining mastery of her dialogue and characters and part of the real enjoyment of this outing is the full-blown character of Wilhemina. Kim-Bryan exercises lots of acting technique as she ranges from giddy young woman, carefree and sexually casual, to discovering how her family protected her and what price they have paid. The transition for her eventual need to choose to take the reins of the family dynasty is credible and clearly earned. This is a really fun evening and a strong contender for awards time. It represents the best of what small theater productions can achieve. Don’t miss it! ”
– Miryam Gordon, Seattle Gay News


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