We are…

…a press dedicated to making plays by underrepresented playwrights easily accessible and beautiful to read. Whether public domain, out of print, or new and modern, we want to increase the distribution and production of works by playwrights who are female, POC, queer, or differently abled. This is not to devalue the works out there by cis-het-white men as we also enjoy them. Our goal is simply to make accessible works which previously were not available to the public due to the inherent imbalance in the play publishing industry, while letting the playwrights retain full creative control and profit.

Our Mission

Listen – To learn and to discover the lost playwrights, we must first listen to our readers, our scholars, and our current underrepresented groups in order to find the hidden gems and those discarded based on the bias of the system.

Remember – We want to bring the plays to the world in such a way that they stay this time, that people always have a way to access these plays, and help the world remember the value these playwrights bring in social, political, and cultural commentary as well as entertainment value.

Speak – Mneme Press is a platform for underrepresented playwrights to find a home for their voice and bring their work to the world and we stand as an advocate for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Have Suggestions for Playwrights?

Wonderful! We always welcome more suggestions for playwrights to focus on. Please fill out this form and we will add them to our list!


How does the money work?

Mneme Press is a non-profit press where financial control of the plays stays with the playwrights. They have full control of the pricing, they receive all of the profit, and all of the licensing fees for their plays. It costs us about $1,000 in time and services to bring each play to market, most of which is donated by our volunteer staff members. What isn’t donated is paid for by publishing public domain plays and by grants. If you would like to help keep us afloat, buy our plays or send us a donation!