Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine

Push and pull and push and pull; a needle is for fixing…

When a drop of Mary’s blood falls down down down into the caverns of the earth, something evil and ancient awakens. Now that the horrors of the dark have a taste for her, Mary must embark on a journey through the terrifying Nightmares Nine to put the beast called Slither back to sleep and save her soul from his gnashing teeth.

Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine is a tale centering on a young woman’s struggle with depression and suicidal ideation in a dark, fantastical realm full of humor, horror, friendship and foes.

By Amy Escobar


Mary: she/her, 20s-30s. Our hero.
Nell: she/her, 20s-30s. Mary’s roommate and best friend.
Alabaster: he/him, 30s-50s. Mary’s cat.
The Librarian: she/her, 40s-60s. Keeper of the Library.
Ensemble Characters: Doogan, Dirge, Jon Jon, Shadow Creeps, Simper, Ghosts, Wolves, Squirrels, Bird, Anna Graham, Merchant, Villager, Ringmaster, Circus Person, Conjoined Twins, Circus Clown, Mirror Marys, Fireflies/Flies, Vampires,  Sweets

Suggested doubling: Librarian/Ringmaster and Dirge/Jon Jon.


Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine premiered at Annex Theatre in Seattle, WA in February 2017. Directed by Eddie DeHais. It was a finalist for a 2017 Gregory Award for both Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Ensemble as well as a finalist for the Gypsy Rose Lee Award for Excellence in Local Playwriting as well as Local Composing.


“Fun and frolicsome with just the perfect amount of soul-crushing darkness.”
— City Arts

“A fantastic tale haunted by gaunt demons, a mad librarian and a lurking beast named Slither with a taste for blood.”
— The Seattle Times

“A clever and charming play with great wit, much warmth and some smartly constructed imagery that delights all the senses. Amy Escobar’s script is appropriate for most age levels (this is the rare Annex production that’s very family friendly) but it never feels too childish…it’s a mature story but grounded in the fairy tales/fantasy worlds enjoyed by young and old.”
— Seattle Gay Scene

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