Due to health issues, Mneme Press is currently on sabbatical, but does plan to return eventually! Until then, all the plays listed here are still up for sale, so please support your playwrights!

Tired of watching and reading plays by old, dead, white guys?
So are we.

Roughly 20% of the population are straight, white, neurotypical men, so why are 90% of the plays produced written by them? Mneme Press is dedicated to changing that. We are here to amplify women’s voices, voices of color, voices who are not straight or cisgendered, and voices with disabilities. Frequently in our world these voices are drowned out to the detriment of society as a whole, so we aim to bring those voices into focus.

Mneme means Memory

Before here were the 9 muses that are most commonly referred to today, the greeks had three women they looked to for inspiration: Mneme (memory), Aoide(voice and song), and Melete(thought and meditation). We chose to follow Mneme because the theater industry has trouble remembering to honor all of its voices and we want to give them a fighting chance to enter the public consciousness at large and to have a lasting impact.