Hey look! We’re finally getting things up to date!

Well, would you look at that! Somebody actually did the work they were supposed to! (cough, me, cough)

We’ve finally got all the information on our three premiere plays up and running on the site, and a page all about their playwright as well! Check it out! There’s lots of information about the plays, and links galore. Wicked fun.

But the reason everything got so delayed is we were just having way too much fun. Once we got all three of Maggie Lee’s plays up and on the page, we ran right into Geek Girl Con for our launch, followed by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month if you haven’t head of it, very cool) and then the launch party for Seattle for the plays, and then the holidays, and I turned around and it was almost the end of February! Goodness.

But they are all set now! If you enjoy steampunk or speculative fiction of any kind, Maggie’s plays are a real treat.

Coming up next, we’re in talks for two new plays for this year, and ways you can submit your plays for consideration! We need some non-binary folks and men, we’re practically swimming in women over here…

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